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Cookie Policy

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Last modified on: 21 June 2020

This document describes what cookies are and how they are used on the website of The Belgian Lighthouse.

1. Identification

The Belgian Lighthouse (enterprise number BE 0729 909 657), Milseweg 9/0103, 3001 Heverlee, Belgium.

2. General modalities

When a user visits our website the first time, a pop-up appears that informs the user about the use of cookies and that asks the user for his consent on how cookies are used by The Belgian Lighthouse.

The pop-up contains a link to this cookie policy page.

By visiting the website of The Belgian Lighthouse, the user accepts the way cookies are used by the The Belgian Lighthouse cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy.

A user is free at any moment to delete or restrict cookies by changing the settings of his browser.

However, switching off cookies can affect the correct functioning of the website. Some functions of the website may be only partly or not accessible.

Users having questions on this cookie policy can contact us via

3. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small computer file emitted by the server of The Belgian Lighthouse that gets saved on the device with which a user visits our website.

Several types of cookies can be distinguished according their purpose. On the one hand there are essential or strictly necessary cookies and on the other hand there are non-essential cookies (function, analytic and targeting cookies).

When a cookie has been stored on a device, subsequent requests to the same domain can send information saved inside the cookie, until the cookie expires or is deleted.

A server can only store a cookie on the device of a user if the user sends a request to this server and the browser of the user is configured to allow and store cookies.

4. Why does the Belgian Lighthouse use cookies?

Cookies offer extra functionality to the website and help us follow up the usage of the website more accurately.

5. Cookies used by The Belgian Lighthouse

5.1. Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are required to allow correct functioning of the website and cannot be switched off in our systems.

These cookies are typically set in response to an action carried out by the user on the website, for example the addition of an item to the shopping basket, the placement of an order, or the execution of an online payment.

5.2. Non-essential cookies

These cookies are not strictly required for the correct functioning of the website, but help us with maintaining and improving the website.

Functional cookies

The Belgian Lighthouse uses these cookies to offer improved functionality and personalisation of the website. They can be set by The Belgian Lighthouse or by external provides with which we partner to offer optimal functionality of the website.

Analytical (Statistics) cookies

The Belgian Lighthouse uses these cookies to monitor visitor numbers and to gain insight into which pages are visited often and less often.

Targeting cookies

The Belgian Lighthouse does NOT use these cookies.

(These cookies are typically used by advertising partners and allow these external partners to construct a profile of the interests of a user based on which the user can be shown relevant advertisements on other websites.)

6. Privacy and user rights

As cookies may entail or constitute manipulation of personal information, the user has a right to a lawful and secure handling of this information.

Details about how The Belgian Lighthouse collects and handles personal information, along with the according rights of the user whose information is collected, are listed in our Privacy Policy.